Yes, but does it work?

A good question. Is your product understood and used by the target group in the way you intended? We check during the design, production and market penetration phases to make sure that your product is in tune with the end user’s wishes and needs. We carry out usability studies for you – from design to evaluation and with different test groups. No matter whether software, websites, documents or hardware – we test everything, in all languages.

Does one size fit all?

Not quite. Your latest product works perfectly and really takes off. And now you want to export it? Congratulations, but are you sure that your runaway success will also cope with the voltage in Tasmania? And what operating system do the Belgians use? And do you really dial telephone numbers in Saudi Arabia from right to left? We know the answers and can help you get your products ready for any market. We test whether your product functions technically in other markets and meets user needs. After all, even Eskimos need fridges.

Which way is up?

Admittedly, even we need slightly more time to put together a test group of left-handed hedge trimmer users. Less exotic wishes can be met more quickly. You specify the group profile and numbers, and we do the rest by selecting suitable persons and carrying out the tests.
Our pool of test persons enables us to realise all group types, sizes and compositions, either integrated in your existing testing environment or for independent testing by us. In all countries, in all languages.