A question of style.

Every document is a marketing instrument – as soon as your logo appears on it. We are fully aware of this, and assist you in production of authoring manuals and style guides. We define both formal and linguistic rules for all wordsmiths. The result is documents which all have the same look and feel – right at the source. Not a bad way to show your corporate identity in the linguistic field as well – at the same time as ensuring that your message is understood.

An apple is always an apple...

That is the easy part. But is a plate square or round? And how does your telephone know the difference between “Missed calls” and “Unanswered calls”? Linguistic creativity is a fine thing, but not at the cost of comprehensibility. We analyse your documents or existing terminology and identify how you use which words. We discover any inconsistencies and define rules for standard and unambiguous use of your terminology. In this way we help you produce your own individual company dictionary – in all the languages you need.

How many languages do you speak?

Your customers speak French, but what about you? Is your Thai slightly rusty? Do you need a concept which will allow you to produce your document written in one language in 26 others? That is no problem for us, because translations are our speciality. Thanks to our many years of experience in the translation industry, we have the know-how which will help make your message multilingual. We make sure that your document is ready for global markets and strikes the right note in every country. We organise the overall project for you: either with your existing network of translators, with our mother-tongue experts or with a combination of both.

Why do yourself what you can have done by someone else?

You can hire us: only for a limited period of time, but time is of course relative. We will then carry out projects from start to finish and in your name. If your team needs reinforcements, then we should talk to each other. We can fill any gaps at short notice to make sure that your project is a success. We can also perform RFI and tender management for you. From A to Z – as a specification for your service providers or as a response to your customers.