I do have a translation but does it fit?

You have a translation and are now unsure whether it does what it says on the tin? Does the translation meet your quality requirements? We proofread existing translations for you, also based on your specific requirements and ensure the integrity of the text.

Not another spelling reform

We can also assist in making existing translations fit for reuse in a current context. For what was appropriate a few years ago might no longer be up to date – and correct – today.

Wonderfully creative – but correct?

In the creative process of text composition only content counts – the boring details such as spelling, grammar and punctuation easily go by the board. Yes, all right. But mistakes are annoying and disfigure the most beautiful text. We check your texts systematically with “unbiased eyes” for orthographic and syntactic correctness – and if you want also the content of your Azerbaijani manual or your brand new software for the Faroe Islands.

You cannot see the wood for the trees anymore

Many cooks, litte broth – not necessarily a guarantee for coherent texts: Although several review and approval cycles in the copywriting process optimise the content, they do not necessarily provide for a better overview.
We review your texts on context, coherence and consistency, and possibly also make suggestions for improvement of the content.

How high exactly is the Cologne Cathedral after all?

Admittedly there are more decisive facts. We find, however, when you are talking facts then they should be correct. And precise. We research the facts in your texts accurately and thoroughly and verify your superlatives. So that the GPS coordinates for your planned rally are correct and the participants do not have to go for a swim – unless you want them to. Or just so that interested visitors can learn just about how high the Cologne Cathedral now actually is. And we would even dare suggest to also mention that the cathedral is actually named “High Cathedral of Saint Peter”.