Besides public insitutions and cultural facilities, we count companies from various industries among our lonstanding customers: automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plant construction, banking, finance and auditing, law, building and construction, IT technology, medical engineering, chemical engineering, food processing as well as media an environmental technology.

Translation & proofreading services

  • Translation of 3 mio. words/year into 36 languages, incl. Western and Eastern European languages, Arabic and Asian languages
  • Centralised project management as coordinating body with overall responsibility for production, communication, quality assurance and processes
  • Tailor-made concepts for language, layout, DTP, costs and deadlines

Translation of manuals, user manuals & software

Company from the electronic measuring equipment sector

  • User manuals, assembly instructions and software for highly compley measuring devices
  • Translation, localisation and DTP

Quality management system in technical documentation

Company from the automotive sector

  • Elaboration of methodology for measurement, evaluation and improvement of comprehensibility in workshop literature
  • Analysis of entire XNL data inventory on overall, model and repair group level
  • Definition der measurement categories, evaluation of data inventory, presentation of results and on-site training for authors

Translation of manuals

Company from the plant construction sector

  • User, assembly and maintenance manuals for storage systems
  • Translation and DTP into 9 languages

Translation & localisation of software for data management in clinical studies

Company from the medical engineering sector

  • Software for studies and patient management during the clinical trial phase
  • Translation and localisation into 12 languages, incl. Japanese and Chinese

Translation of manuals, software and marketing material

Company from the mechanical engineering sector

  • User, assembly and maintenance manuals, software, brochures, presentations, etc.
  • Tranlsation, DTP and processing of XML into 21 langauges

Translation of manuals, software, assembly and maintenance instructions

Company from the logistics and MFS sector

  • Large-volume documentation, operating and servicing instructions, spare parts lists, test log books and software (WMS, MFS) in the storage and retrieval machines, conveyor technology and floor conveyor vehicles
  • Translation, DTP and software compilation

Process development & organisation of production

Company from the industrial automation sector

  • Centralisation of documentation responsibility for 18 countries, cost reduction by 40 % within 2 years
  • Process analysis and optimisation from manual to automated processes, preparation of data and print validation
  • Improved language quality through process optimisation, terminology work and centralised communication

Process consulting & translation

Company from the storage technology & equipment sector

  • Integration of isolated layout-based solutions into a uniform XML/CMS workflow
  • Optimisation of translation process and XML segmentation
  • Translation into 10 languages up to now

Terminology management, process development & initial data feed

Company from the automotive sector, manufacturer of premium sports cars

  • Development of flexible terminology management process as part of quality management
  • Creation and validation of German source terminology with 8,000 entries from a text volume of 2 million words
  • Data feed of source terminology into the editorial environment of the technical editors

Translation, validation & quality assurance of event magazines

Company from the automotive sector

  • Creation, validation and translation of contents
  • Cooperation with marketing agency on quality assurance of the overall product
  • On-site support during the event for updated production

Process analysis & specification development for translation management system

Translation department EU institution

  • Process audit of entire department, interface analysis, application and requirements of technical equipment
  • Matching of customer requirements and performance of the department, preparation of comprehensive audit report
  • Preparation of action plan and catalogue of technical requirements for Europe-wide puplic tender proceedings