How much technology does the process need?

More than you might like to believe. A documentation process may contain technologically highly complex sub-processes in every production step. Starting with special databases and authoring environments, and continuing through translation and content management systems. The question remains: what can do what – and what has to do what?

Today is the best time to think about tomorrow.

We help you to optimally adapt your technical systems and processes to your current and future needs. The most expensive solution is not always the best. Sometimes you can do too much of a good thing – or too little. It all depends on your individual requirements. We help you to technologically optimise your production process. With all its interfaces – including those to your suppliers.

Help! I am getting a new system!

Don’t panic, it won’t hurt… at least if you think of everything in good time – and don’t forget your multilingual needs. Irrespective of whether you need CMS or terminology or translation tools, we will work with you to establish a target specification and tailor-made requirement profiles, and will also help define the interfaces and support implementation.
Integration with your existing or planned document management and authoring system is of course also possible. Together we make sure that you can continue to use existing materials. Anything else would be a waste of valuable resources.